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EST. 2010



CLING ON! is the youngest paintbrush in The Netherlands, yet filled with decades of experience.

Designed, not by marketeers in a suit, but by a Dutch painter, actually on the job on a daily basis, knowing what a paintbrush should do and what it should feel like.

 Handmade for use with waterbased products the Cling On! brush can in fact handle any kind of paint and will give you a flawless result, making painting no less than a joy. 

Discovered by furniture painters the Cling On! ’s are now the favourites of vintage lovers and furniture flippers, spreading around the world! 

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keep your brush in the best condition with these tips


Tip nr. 1 

Let your CLING ON! absorb some water before using it for the first time. Spin the handle between your hands for a few seconds to remove the water and you’re ready to roll!


Tip nr. 2

Be sure to use a brushkeeper in which you can let your CLING ON! hang, so the filament tips will not touch the bottom, but only get “their feet wet”.

See to it that your CLING ON!‘s always stay wet and refresh the water regularly.

You will smell when it’s time to do that. In this way your brushes will stay in perfect shape for a long time.

Tip nr. 3

While working outside the wind and the sun can make waterborne paints dry very quickly.

Therefore always keep within reach a can of water in which you can rinse your brush every now and then.

Because the CLING ON! is very easy to clean this will take you no more than seconds. Just a small effort to be able to proceed with a clean en supple brush.

Try to get used to it at your advantage…


Tip nr. 4

A CLING ON! is that supple that it allows you to apply the recommended thickness without any effort. You don’t necessarily need a roller anymore to paint doors for example:

Use enough paint and work swiftly, and just use the tips of the brush to achieve a smooth and even finish.


Tip nr. 5

Finally the most important tip:

Keep a close eye on your CLING ON!‘s!!

Before you know it they’re gone…

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